All bikes on this page were built from scratch to customer specifications. Some bikes were completely stock, while others are radical custom.


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 Patrick's Pride

RoadKing Reformation 


Dave's Dream 

 Chuck's Classy Ride

Mark's Transformation 

 Panhead Bobber

The Monster 

 Toby's Tribute

Ride for the Hill's 

 Huss's Springer


 LuAnn's Bagger

Jamey's First Time 

   Chris's Bobber

Jerry's Rich 63' 

   Back in Black 

Muncy's Mobster 

   Rex's Toy 

Roger's Restoration 

  Ian's Vision

"Could Be Yours"   2009 Hill's Performance

  Gary's "Twisted"

Chad's Bagger 

  Rocket's Rider

Jack's Cool School 

  Jeff's Black Eye

Larry's Fire Rescue 

  Bob's Florida Bound

CJ's Show Piece 

  Jeff's 51' Restoration

Jeremiah's Air Ride 

  Kenny's Pride & Joy

Funk's Dragger 

  Terry's Transformer


  Blue Steel (SOLD)

Glen's Lowride 

  Cool Old School (SOLD)

Mike's Last Round 


  Brent's Was-Stock 2004 Softail

The Bomb 

  Rad Sprocket 

Rynearson's Radical Ride 

  Tim's 49 Flathead 


  Kermit's 250 Chopper 

                                  Smooth Bagger Custom (SOLD) 

  Jason's Babe Magnet 

Fat Ass Bitch 

  Trent's Retro Ride 

                                  Garman's 124 Air-ride 

  FJ 120 6 speed {FOR SALE}

Hellride 47' Knucklehead 5 speed w/fat 240 

  Ben's 124 250 fatty 

                                    Michael's 62' Sporty 

 2003 Hills Performance  Fitzie's 250 Yaffe 

                                              Donley's CFL   2003 Hills Performance

 2003 Hills Performance  Jeff's 124 Air-ride 250


   Flegal's Trophy Winner 

                                      Chris's Neon Chop 

  Tightness 113 Air-ride

  Crazy Pete's 100 Solo 

  Lick Me 120 6-speed

Pulsator 120 6-speed 

  Harv Blew It

Ryan's Rigid 124 

  Buddah's Black Bitch